Pedagogía de la muerte

Event Date

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Our intention is to let people know about the need to be able to access a quality care at the end of life, and that it affects many people: firstly, the terminally ill person, then the people who take care of him/her —family members, health workers— and also the community. We consider that it is necessary to talk about the dying process in order to clear all taboos, assumptions and fears using key tools to address those emotions with a good preventive education.

For that reason, we carry on with the second conference of the series that we decided to name "Pedagogy of Dying." With it, our intention is not only to introduce some of the elements that influence cultural and social uprooting in the field of death and everything that surrounds it, but we mainly want to address the issue of education on death for professionals from all areas who are working on care.


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