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Tuesday, 20 October 2020

On Tuesday 20th October 2020, at 8:00 PM Cairo time Hospice Egypt celebrated the World Hospice Day under theme my care my right. Hospice Egypt hold an online event on our social media platforms ( facebook and Youtube). Our goal was to disseminate the concept of Hospice and to advocate to the right of terminally ill patients to have a better quality of life till the end. Prof. Dr. Yehih Al-Rakhawi (a psychiatrist- medical school of Cairo University) participated in the event, in which he discussed the concept of pain and its dimensions and the right of both the patient and the caregiver to obtain psychological support. A number of artists who believed in Hospice mission participated in the celebration as well as live testimonials from the families of patients who received Hospice services. According to the 2017 publication in the Lancet Commission on global health, every year Egypt has an estimated 254,000 Egyptian patients are in need for what is globally known as hospice services. Projections for the year 2060 claim that over 48 million patients will be in need of hospice care globally, 78% of which live in developing countries. Hospice Egypt is a JOSAAB Foundation for Social Development project, the foundation is registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity under license number 7800 for the year 2010 and is a pioneer in providing hospice services to terminally ill patients. The Hospice Egypt project offers an array of free-of-charge services to adult terminally-ill patients (+18) and their families. Hospice Egypt currently provides hospice services in 4 governorates which are Cairo, Giza, Qaluobiya and Sharkia through a multidisciplinary team that includes nurses, symptom and pain management physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, caregivers and social workers. The Hospice Egypt team provides at-home hospice services through visits; this service is known as the mobile hospice. Through the hundreds of terminally-ill cases served, Hospice Egypt has gained insight on what measures could be taken when providing hospice services not only to ensure that the patients’ rights to care and support is thoroughly delivered but also to educate the patients and their family members on emotional coping, grief and bereavement. Hospice Egypt signed a protocol of collaboration with National Cancer Institute to facilitate the process of patients’ obtaining their pain management treatment along with advocating for patients’ rights and ensuring a maintained quality of life till the very end


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