Yes to palliative units and care for children.

Marking the World Hospice and palliative care day.  For the first time in Norway! 

Yes to palliative units and care for children in Norway was founded the 3th of November in 2009. The first and only organization who is working for childrens palliative care in Norway. 

A girl's journey from the beginning to the end of life was the start of the movement for palliative care for children and the organisation ‘Yes to Palliative Units and Care for Children’ in Norway.   
On Christmas Eve, 24 December 1992, an apparently healthy girl was born in a small delivery room in Norway, at a little place called Brønnøysund.  Andrea was the girl's name.  Her journey was not like that of other children. Her life had a very tough start and she received a diagnosis of several life-threatening diseases that led to her early death, at only 17 years of age. The absence of palliative care services and appropriate support for children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions led to the setting up of the organisation ‘Yes to Palliative Units and Care for Children’ just 3 months before Andrea’s death. 
Andrea's life put palliative treatment for children on the agenda in Norway!  Andrea was unable to be offered palliative care but through her life and through the organisation a growing interest in and attention to the field of palliative care for children was born, both in the political and health care sectors. Her lasting legacy is that in future the children of Norway will have access to continuous palliative care from diagnosis, as defined by the World Health Organization. (WHO)   

At the world hospice and palliative care day, the organization participated in a joint event, in the capital Oslo with several other organizations. The day consisted of several appeals and poster exhibitions, where we also gave out information about our work. Later, we also stand in the main street, Karl Johan, where we participated with the information and handed out brochures. 

  • Oslo, Norway
  • Written by: Yes to palliative units and care for children.
  • Tuesday, 01 November 2011

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