Hospice Palliative Care Week

Hospice Palliative Care Week
Hospice Palliative Care Japan is an association consisting of hospice palliative care units, palliative care team and hospice home care service programs in Japan. From 5 to 11 days of October 2014, we have established the special week as "Hospice Palliative Care Week" and held many events throughout Japan. Through the "Hospice Palliative Care Week", we have done dynamic cooperation. From north to south in Japan, we had special events, for example; hospice palliative care seminar or forum, concert, open house, photo exhibition etc. Total 112 events had been held, more than 11,000 people had participated the events.
  • Japan
  • Written by: Hospice Palliative Care Japan
  • Thursday, 19 February 2015

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