Hidehito Takase

Hospice & Palliative Care Week in Shin-ai Hospital - Tokyo, Japan 
Hospice & palliative care for all the people. 
The wish for our hospice is "Oasis of your mind. " 
Event Description 
1.Sep.27-Oct.8,2011 :Panel exhibition 
The panel of the hospice and the palliative care was posted, and a lot of people came to see. 
2.Oct.8,201:Lecture & Open house 
We lectured on the hospice and the palliative care explanation by the doctor, the nurse and the bereaved family. 
Afterwords, the participant visited the palliative care unit. 
3.Oct.8,2011 :Special concert(Voices for hospice) 
We held a special concert on the world hospice & palliative care day. “Jiro Yahagi & Takako Tsumura”played the piano, and sang. Finally, all members sang the “hallelujah”(Shin-ai version). In this event, a lot of volunteers participated. They called “the orange volunteer”, and made orange T-shirt (volunteer designed). 
  • kiyose, Tokyo, JAPAN
  • Written by: Hidehito Takase
  • Friday, 21 October 2011

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