Supportive Care Encounters With Day Oncology Unit

Supportive Care Encounters With Day Oncology Unit

Event Date

Saturday, 09 October 2021

The World Hospice and Palliative Care Day is an annual unified day of action to celebrate and support hospice and palliative care around the world. The theme of this year is "Leave no-one behind - equity in access to palliative care", which emphasizes in effort to make availability of palliative care to all in need. Symptoms related to cancer and adverse events resulted from anticancer treatment haunted cancer patients in the whole course of disease. Previous literatures have proved the effect of early palliative care in promoting the quality of life, reducing aggressive care, and prolonging survival among cancer patients. To promote patients’ awareness of palliative care and direct them to seek help, we have launched a variety of cancer palliative care promotion activities on the platform of the supportive care department and day oncology unit of Peking University Cancer Hospital for the past few years. Since its establishment six years ago, the supportive care department of Peking University Cancer Hospital has been implementing palliative care and supportive care into day oncology unit in physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects, creating a model named “supportive care encounters with day oncology unit”, which is well accepted by patients and their families. It has made good exploration and practice in nutrition, CINV prevention, VTE prevention and pain management, which has been spread throughout the country and recognized by peers. To celebrate the World Day of Hospice Care and Palliative Care in 2021, the medical staff of the supportive care department and day oncology center give lectures to patients and caregivers, including what the concept of palliative care is and why the symptoms management is important. Moreover, as the world is still in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, we introduced how to manage the symptoms during the course of cancer treatment at home and how to seek help when needed. Finally, "blessing" cards and publicity materials were sent to the patients, wishing a better prognosis and an early recovery to them. It calls the attention of all sectors of the community to the palliative care of cancer patients. Palliative Care: we're on the way!


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