Incarcerated people including prisoners

The content and key messages on this page have been developed in collaboration with clinicians, campaigners, people accessing palliative care, and their caregivers. You can use this content in your social media and as part of your World Hospice and Palliative Care Day activities.

 WHPCA would love to hear about any projects that are working to create equity in access to palliative care for people that are incarcerated. Please share them with us by contacting our Communications Manager.




Here are some key messages around palliative care for people who are in prison. Thanks to Lisa Deal and Ladybird Morgan from the Humane Prison Hospice Project for providing this content.


        Governments that provide palliative care to prisoners are fulfilling their obligation to respect their right to health, setting a precedent of acknowledging and responding to our shared humanity.

        Prison populations in many counties are rapidly aging; by 2030, older prisoners, many of whom have palliative care needs, are expected to account for one-third of the incarcerated population in the U.S.

        Incarceration shortens life expectancy and hastens physiological aging, compounding existing health issues and heightening the risk that prisoners will develop palliative care needs.

        Considering how prisoners die “inside” is imperative and requires appropriate investments and training.

        Prison palliative care, when compassionate release is unavailable, allows prisoners to “die at home,” cared for by other prisoners with whom the patient has formed a familial bond. These trained prisoner volunteers can provide cost-effective and transformative palliative care while working with compassionate clinical staff.


Watch this incredibly moving trailer for Prison Terminal - The Last Days of Private Jack Hall. 



You can listen to Marvin Mutch, Human Prison Hospice Project Co-Founder/Senior Advisor-Public Information/Policy Advocate here 

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