Special message from WHPCA: COVID-19

Saturday, 14 March 2020 Print

Dear members, colleagues, and partners,

As the WHO-declared pandemic, COVID-19, progresses, this is a very concerning time for many people with serious conditions and palliative care needs, as well as their families.

Now more than ever, the palliative care compassionate approach is needed to ensure that the most vulnerable and isolated are cared for and their concerns, fears and hopes are heard. It is a time for solidarity.
Our members, partners and colleagues display great compassion in their care for some of the most vulnerable in society across over 100 countries every day.

Whether you are a person living with palliative care needs, a carer, clinician or advocate, we are all care ambassadors who can promote and engage in compassionate responses in our communities, and support health systems to ensure the dignity for people with serious illness, as we face this together. 
We are concerned for the health, both physical and mental, and the welfare of people with palliative care needs and those who are caring for them in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

We are also confident in the leadership that hospice and palliative care organisations and workers globally are exhibiting in providing compassionate care to the most vulnerable, making sure their voices are heard. 
It is highly probable that our members may face serious challenges in delivering care as the course of this pandemic unfolds. But our palliative care workforce is trained, experienced, resilient and ready to support the comprehensive needs of people, families and communities when serious illness strikes. They have been doing it for years, often with minimal resources or support. It is vital we share experiences and learning across our network and beyond.
As a community of people living with palliative care needs, care providers, carers and palliative care advocates - we are all in this together. This touches us all and we stand in solidarity.
With support and regards,
Stephen, the Board and the WHPCA team

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