Memorial Service in Bangalore

Memorial Service in Bangalore

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Friday, 11 October 2019

A fully integrated palliative and end of life care service for all life limiting conditions was initiated at Bangalore Baptist Hospital (BBH) since 1995. This included out-patient care, in-patient care, home care, bereavement support and community volunteers’ involvement. Bereavement support for those who need it is provided for a year through three visits. First soon after death, second after 6-8 weeks or at a special anniversary and finally families are invited for a Memorial Service. During this service contact with them is renewed and on-going support if needed is offered. They also light a candle in memory of their loved one and they place it in a vessel of sand (sands of time) as an act to facilitate closure. BBH is a pioneer in starting palliative care services since 1995 and has developed a fully integrated palliative care and end of life care services .We also have a community based rural palliative care program catering to the entire Bangalore rural district which includes awareness generation and home based palliative care service. The palliative care department liaises with all the specialties in the hospital. The different specialties are trained to use the proactive identification guidance of the Gold Standards Framework (GSF – UK) to identify patients early who require palliative care and refer to our team. This facilitates a seamless transition from curative to palliative and end of life care. In a country like India where people are pushed into poverty due to medical expenses at the terminal stages while admitted in the hospital, our palliative care department provides an alternate appropriate care. The integrative approach between departments provide for good end of life care in the place of the patient’s choice without raising the financial burdens on the family. Our home care program empowers the family to care for the patients in the last weeks / days of life so as to enable them to be at home and to die at home. As part of bereavement care, the Palliative Care department in Bangalore Baptist Hospital has been conducting a Memorial Service annually for families of their patients who had passed away in the previous year. It is usually conducted on the second Friday of October to coincide and commemorate World Hospice and Palliative Care Day. The program is usually attended by 60% of the families invited. The program usually includes a time of sharing of experiences by families, an encouraging word by a counselor and concludes with a candle lighting ceremony. This poignant program allows families to experience closure, while lighting a candle and placing it in a vessel of sand.




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