2019 World Hospice & Palliative care Day Celebration in Beijing Cancer Hospital

2019 World Hospice & Palliative care Day Celebration in Beijing Cancer Hospital

Event Date

Sunday, 13 October 2019

To celebrate the World Day of Hospice Care and Palliative Treatment in 2019, we have been thinking about how to promote the rights of cancer patients and families to palliative treatment by collective wisdom. This year's theme "MY CARE, My Right" emphasizes on respect for patients' right to meet their comprehensive and holistic treatment and care needs. This year, we launched a variety of cancer palliative treatment promotion activities on the platform of the Day care center of Peking University Cancer Hospital. Doctors and nurses of palliative treatment team and Day care center send "blessings" cards and propaganda materials to patients introducing the concept and significance of palliative treatment and wishing them a better prognosis and earlier recovery. In this way, we encouraged patients to seek help to palliative treatment team in medical, social, practical and spiritual aspects. Emphasis is placed on four fields as following: 1) Real-time awareness and management of patients’ adverse events and symptoms; 2) Attention to the needs of patients and their families during treatments and afterwards; 3) Cooperation with Pinetreecare Group; 4)Expansion and extension of services to improve the quality of life of patients. It calls on all sectors of society to pay attention to the right of cancer patients. We are in action!


  • Country: China
  • City: Beijing


  • Organiser: Prof. Wei Liu

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